The Pleasure of Possessing Your Own Personal Business

Ever wondered whether starting a personal business would be better than being stuck in the rat race forever? While the rewards are potentially great, the goings can be extremely tough, especially during the first year or two. You may want to try putting up an Internet business instead of a brick-or-mortar one, since the startup costs are smaller -- and you can start part-time.Again, don't fool yourself -- starting a business on the Internet is not easy. But you CAN make it easier on yourself Read more [...]

How You Can Become More Popular Through Personal Business Cards

Personal business cards are a good way to make yourself known to people. For example you are in a party where there is a huge amount of people, and you are coming from a company who profits from networking people together to earn more money. You start out by talking to random people, introducing yourself, talking about the company you're working for, and make your sales pitch. After the conversation, the other person asks for more information. You don't give it all out at once, but professionals Read more [...]